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Archive of CAC's Weekly Bulletins

Our CAC Weekly Bulletin was first begun on Sept 10, 2006. PDF files can be read/printed with the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download sizes of the PDF files linked on the index page range from 100+ KB to 1,000+ KB. For those interested in pics of our families or in keeping up with our church... access the index.

"Be the Base" By Pastor Doug Joseph

An article about how parents can help their children go higher in godliness and accomplish more God's kingdom. Includes helpful, practical tips for how dads can do better in teaching family devotions to their children. This easy-to-understand article takes only about 5 minutes to read.

"Wear the Name of the Lord Jesus" by Pastor Doug Joseph

A very short, to-the-point article to help people see that water baptism in Jesus name is the biblical way to fulfill Matthew 28:19. This easy-to-understand Bible study takes only about 5 minutes to read.

"Ready To Be Free Expanded Study" by Pastor Doug Joseph

A free expanded study on the vital topic of salvation. This easy-to-understand Bible study takes only about 15 minutes to read.

"Tired Of Mainstream Church?" Article by Pastor Joseph

Could a church that just floats along in "mainstream" religion actually be in the wrong place? Many churches follow the "mainstream" of religious thought, in spite of the fact that some mainstream doctrines contradict the Bible. This actually places a heavy burden on the members: Either they must go along with... read more.

"Study of Contrasts in the Epistle of Jude" Outline by Pastor Joseph

True Christians ought to see a warning when looking at two prior groups: (1) Disbelieving Old Testament Jews and (2) Rebellious angels. The godless, condemned men who had crept in among the early church, ought to have seen a warning when looking at two prior groups: (1) Sodomites and (2) Gomorrahans. We're assured that the godless men won't see their warning, because their condemnation has already been prophesied. So the question is: Will true Christians see their warning? The Epistle of Jude is a very firm call to holiness in both doctrine and lifestyle; holiness in right teaching and holiness in right practices... read the study outline.

Holiday Details

Resurrection Sunday


Pentecost Sunday

Join CAC in celebrating the single most pivotal event in all of world history: The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, three days after His crucifixion, is the most central... read more.


Also foundational to Christianity is the subsequent outpouring of the Holy Spirit (also known as the Spirit of God or Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ) on those who believe in Jesus and... read more.

The Constitution of the United States

Have you ever taken time to read the Constitution of the United States of America? If not you should! Access a copy of of it here, courtesy of CAC's website.

CAC Glossary of Terms

Christian Apostolic Church's glossary of biblical vocabulary and ministerial terminology is provided here as an aid to understanding our biblical culture. Don't see a term you'd like to see? Email us and we'll try to add it.

Testimony of Rhonda DeMoss

This wonderful testimony gives glory to God and speaks of the benefits of determination in the face of adversity.

Origin of Taps

During the Civil War, in July 1862 when the Army of the Potomac was in camp, Brig. Gen. Daniel Butterfield summoned Pvt. Oliver Wilcox Norton, his brigade bugler, to his tent. Butterfield, who disliked the colorless "extinguish lights" call then in use, whistled a new tune and asked the bugler to sound it for him. After repeated trials...

CAC Member Covenant Agreement

This is the Fivefold Member Covenant with which all CAC members agree and to which they adhere. As per CAC's By-Laws, being a member of CAC explicitly means agreeing to, partaking of, and participating in this covenant. The covenant involves five aspects:

CAC Standards and Guidelines for Leadership Positions

Necessary reading for all our staff, teachers, platform participants, etc. The accomplishment of our primary goal requires that all persons in our leadership team be held to a higher standard than our congregation:

More to be added later!