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See notes below the sample... This is one offering, with variations in choice of ink colors.

2-color offering in black (P Process Black) and orange (P165):

2-color offering in blue (P2738) and orange (P165):

2-color offering in dark blue (P276) and orange (P165):

2-color offering in maroon (P5115) and orange (P165):

2-color offering in dark maroon (P5185) and orange (P165):

2-color offering in green (P3435) and orange (P165):

Dear Bro Lumpkin:


The above is my first offering for a two-ink (i.e. 2-color) logo for your Men's Ministry meetings. The limit of 2-inks was requested by Sis Evans, per the history of saving money by avoiding 4-ink printing.


The above is just a low resolution "sample" for you to see if you like it. High resolution files would be delivered if you like it.


The cost to AR Men's Ministry, to buy the license to use this logo for unlimited printing, web work, etc, associated with your Men's Ministry and its meetings -- for an indefinite period of time-- would be $150.


That would include me delivering softcopy files to you all, either on disc (CD) or by attachments to emails -- high resolution files, in all the various standard formats, such as TIF (Tagged Info Format image), JPG/JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group image), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), QXD (Quark XPress Document), CDR (CorelDraw document), BMP (Bitmap for Windows), etc.


Here is my pricing policy for logo work:


I bid logo work on a per option/per hour basis. First, I show you something I am happy with and think you will be happy with, and I tell you how much money it would cost you to buy at that time, and thus "stop" the logo work process. If you are happy, then that is the price. If you are not happy, I go back to the drawing board and continue work, and the price goes up. The number of hours it takes to create a new option usually means adding about another $70 to $100 to the price.


Currently, the above (my first offering on this) has cost me enough hours that I need to charge around $150 for it. The cost of the first offering is a little higher because that's where I account for menial tasks that must be done when the final choice is made and the files must be generated and delivered. To generate one polished offering that you see, there are eighteen to twenty pieces I create and reject during the creative process.


Re: Cost estimate for the other items you need, i.e. page layout, etc, for:


1) Poster, 9 x 12, 1-side

2) Registration Card, 5.5 x 8.5, 2-sides

3) Teaser Postcard, 5.5 x 8.5, 2-sides

4) Syllabus Cover, 8.5 x 11, 1-side


I probably need to be bid this on a per hour basis. I will work very quickly on it, as I am very efficient on that kind of work, and I would only charge you $25 per hour. I will work quickly, and I will keep you updated on my number of hours. I would guess that for all four pieces together, total, it would take between $75 to $200.


I could benefit from someone typing into an Email all the text that goes onto those pieces, and sending that text over. Also, the photos of the speakers should be provided to me, either by email or by mailed snapshot


I can begin looking into getting those items ready, but having someone help me as described above will keep my number of hours lower. i.e. me having been given all the details and info needing laid in.


Please let me know if you have any questions, and whether or not you want to choose the LOGO possibility offered above.



Pastor Doug Joseph

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