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Arkansas Men's Conference:

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bulletAll print work, ready for prepress department (all the Quark Xpress files, associated JPG images, and Fonts): NOTE: PRINT FROM ONE OF THESE, NOT THE PDFs BELOW.
bullet Ark_Men.sit

bulletThe above are identical, except: one is a Stuff-It compressed volume, and the other is a Zip compressed volume.
bulletEach volume contains all design work in Quark Xpress 4 format, the needed JPG pics, and the PC TrueType fonts used.

The fonts needed are:
bulletArial Bold
bulletFutura Medium BT
bulletFutura Medium BT Bold
bulletFutura Medium BT Italic
bulletFutura Medium BT Bold Italic
bulletFutura Medium Condensed BT
bulletFutura Extra Black

bulletThe jobs are all to be printed with the same number of inks (2) and the same two ink colors:
bulletBlack (Pantone Black CV)
bulletOrange (Pantone 165 CV)
bulletAll items were designed with 1/8" of bleed, with all items to be trimmed as full bleed.
bulletThe "Pass Card" is a small 2" x 4" document that is an "ID card" type design. This card can be set up for the "common cut" method, to save time, money, and headache. The design has 1/8" bleed all the way around, but you can adjust as needed to set up for the "common cut" method.
bulletThe work was all designed for white colored paper and white colored cover stock.
bulletFor choices of paper weight & finish and cover stock weight & finish, contact the customer.

bulletPDF Mock-Ups of all print work, so the prepress department can see what the designer intended (corresponds to the above Quark Xpress files, associated JPG images, and Fonts): NOTE: DO NOT PRINT FROM ANY OF THESE PDFs BELOW. Use one of the files above. These PDFs are not separated for 2-color printing. They are just mock-ups in case there are any questions about font usage, text flow, layout, etc.
bullet Mock-Up_of_Pass_Card_2x4_B.pdf
bullet Mock-Up_of_Poster_9x12_B.pdf
bullet Mock-Up_of_Reg_Card_6x9_back_B.pdf
bullet Mock-Up_of_Reg_Card_6x9_front_B.pdf
bullet Mock-Up_of_Syllabus_Cover_12x18.5_B.pdf


AR Men's Conference:

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