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Prayer List

Below are listed the names of some of our Servicemen and Servicewomen who are defending freedom. These souls need our prayers and our support.  Please join with others across the Clarksburg-Bridgeport area in praying for our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Guards. Area churches can print out the list to use in their own services and prayer meetings. If you have a family member, friend, or acquaintance who serves in any branch (active or reserve) of the Armed Forces of the United States, please use the online form to add their name to this Prayer List, so that they will be protected by a crucial prayer covering. Please take time to pray for the names already on the list, below. Thank you!

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Name/Rank/Branch Deployment Comments
  gray  bacunan kuwait  national guards 
  Jeremy  Davis    
  Chuckie  Gumbus Jordan   
 Senior Airman Timothy "TJ"  Linkous Qatar   
 AFC Chuck  Loar Germany   
  J.R.  Nelson Quater   
 unk John   Post   Bridgeport Police Officer 
 Capt Allen  Rhyne Iraq  F16 Pilot - flying sortees over Iraq - Husband of Jessica Rhyne (she is stationed in Germany) 
 Capt Jessica N Rhyne Germany  Wife of Allen (he's an F16 Pilot - flying sortees over Iraq) 
  james   riely    
  Richard  Robinson Kuwait  Medic 
  Douglas Leroy Smith II   Please pray for my son who has just entered the Air Force BMT (04/18/2006). I,in turn, will pray for your loved one. Thank you & may God Bless each & every one of you. 
  Dax  Benjamin Wise Kuwait   
  David Michael Yoak    
  Michael  Zittle   National Guard. Husband of Misty Getty. 
  Edward  A. IRAQ   
  Joseph  Aiello    
 Spec Thomas  Asbury Iraq  Please pray for my little brother and all of the troops serving our country! 
  Theresa  Baginski Iraq  Pray For Theresa so she can make it home safetly to her family Ken, Crystal, and Jessica. 
 Capt. Kurtis  Barclay Iraq, after training at Fort Dix, NJ   Keep in prayer Robin his wife, Gabrielle, Bryce and Jetta His children ranging in ages 6, 3 and 1 1/2 years. 
 Sfc Michael  O. Bartlett Iraq  That his mission will be successful and That him and his men will come back safe and health.Amen. 
 Specialist Jennifer R Bennett    
 Specialist Jeff N Bennett, Jr.    
 Specialist Jeff N Bennett, Sr.    
  Terry   Blair Kuwait   
  Mark   Bland   459th 
  Brandon M Brady   He is a great friend and we miss him very much. 
  Dale  Bricker Turkey   
 Specialist Jennifer  Brosius Kuwait   
  David  Byard    
  Bill  Carpenter Kuwait   
  Jeromy  Clafton Middle east   
  Lester  Cook    
  Beau  Corbet Middle East  National Guard 
 s  christopher lee corbett kuwait  please pray for my son 
 E5 Lee V Correa Iraq  please pray for him he is a son, father, and husband. Prey for his safe road home to see his new born son. 
  Jeffrey M Cottrill    
  Jason  Cox Kuwait   
  Jason Blair Cox Iraqu 1 year ago   
  Donald E. Cruz IRAQ  Please pray for my brother and his unit as they are in Iraq fighting for what they believe in. May God bless and protect you all. May God compfort the friends and family waiting for thier loved ones to return home. 
 Captain Csoka  L Csoka Iraq   
 Captain Jefferson L. Dean Afghanistan  Special forces, company commander, 14 years service, from Clarksburg, WV 
  Ryan Christopher Dean Iraq  I miss him. --Sister Heidi Rose Dean 
 Sergeant Ord  Delaney Kuwait  Prisoner of war guard in Kuwait, deployed 3/13/03 
  Michael  Dodd    
  Alan  Drain Turkey/Iraq border   
 Major Michael  Dye   3rd Infantry Division 
  Jeff  Dytzel    
  Patrick C Edmund Front line in Baghdad  3rd Infantry Division 
 Spc Timothy - Egelhoff Jr Iraq  We love you son, Love Mom & Dad & Family ,and your daughter Kyleigh Girl 
  timothy - egelhoff jr iraq   
  Frank  Egress   He has three kids and a wife. 
  Robert C Evans    
  Paul  Everret    
  Jason E. Frye    
 Spc Angela  Garcia Sept 2003  I love you dearly battle your in my heart ever single moment be safe come home soon!!! 
  Mark   Garverick Iraq   
  Trent W Gregory Iraq  We love you and we can't wait until your home!! 
  Carl  Grunow Iraq, July 1, 2005  Carl, we're very proud of what you're doing over there and are 100% behind you. We pray every day for your safety, looking forward to your return to us. We love you, God bless you.  
 Spc Jason K Hardin   we are praying for you Jason everyday. We love you and Jeni and J.C very much. We support you 100% 
  Mike  Hausuater    
  Michael  Head    
 SFC Floyd  Hicks IV Anaconda,Iraq   
 Sgt. 1st Class John  Hollandsworth   119 Engineer Co. National Guard 
 Private Amanda  Howard   119 Engineer Co. National Guard; has 7 month old daughter 
  Wesley   Janise Irag  Please pray for his safty and strength and mental state . Please pray for his wife and children 
 1st infinity Jeff   Jenkins    
  chris l jones iraq   
 cpl Matthew E Keown Iraq  A good preacher's kid from Georgia 
  Mark  Kiddy Kuwait   
 PFC Gregory  LaBenne Iraq  Field Artillery Specialist 
  Scott  Maxey Kuwait   
 Sgt James  Brian  Mayo Iraq  Brian is the son of Judy Deem who attends the Fairmont church. 
 Sgt Michael T McCardel Taji, Irag  Michael left for Iraq on Dec. 13, 2005 for a 1 Year tour of Duty. His wife and 2 children are still at Fort Hood, Texas. Michael is from Follansbee WV. 
 PFC Mark A Mccormick Pending   
 sargent Dale Lee Mcmahon Baghdad   
  Jack D.  Metheny Kuwait  I love him. Pray for him. 
 E-5 Andrew M Milczakowskyj Iraq  I love you and miss you. Come home safely. You are in my my thoughts and prayers always. 
  clint j mills   He is a major friend of the family! He has a kid that is one year old, and he has only seen him once since he was born. He has a wife waiting for him. 
  Laura E Moore    
  Kenny  Morris    
  Timothy William Morris    
  eric j motzenbecker iraqu  please pray for his safey and for the courage to face each day. pray that our Lord keep his arms wrapped around him and all the soliders under his care. thank you 
 SFC Bruce  Nestor Deployed  He leaves behind a wife two daughters and one son. All the children are Elementary school level. 
  Jason  Ocheltree   101 Infantry 
  Scott  Oldaker Iraq   
  Manuel A Oquendo Iraq  Please keep him in your prayers  
  Travis H. Owens Iraq   
  James  Ray Patterson Itaq  He is a great friend. I miss you and may God hold you in his arms and protect you. Always in my prayers, Jonathan Warren, CB, NL. CANADA 
  Tracy  Pennington Iraq  Daughter of Robyn and Dwayne Kimble of Riverton, West Va. 
 sgt matthew alan powell iraq  my brother in law has 3 beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife waiting for him back in oklahoma we pray that he gets back there safely and very soon. 
 First Class Eddie  Prairie    
 SSgt Jovita C. Quintanilla Camp Taji, Irag  Please pray for wife and my son Albert Jr. Quintanilla who is also in igra. 
 Chaplain Taz  Randles Kuwait - 687th - Army  Very lonely. Pray for encouragement and strength. 
 PFC David  Reed Kuwait  Son of Leroy and Janice Shingleton 
 GUNNY SGT. POPE EYE  RENOLDS IRAQ TRUCK DRIVER ARMY 20 YRS.   This man was also a Marine in Viet Nam with me in 1969. Please pray for his safe return. He was wounded in Viet Nam at the same time that I was wounded. We were both awarded the Bronze Star for getting Marines down the hill to a landing zone. God bless all of our troops. Rich Wilson. 
 PFC Jason   Rivera mosul irac  Please pray for all of our soldiers, to bring then all home safe to their families, let this unhappiness be in the past, bring brighter days for our young men and women of America, give them the stregth and wisdom they need to defeat the enemy, and always have their guard up against the enemy. God bless you all. To Jason with all our love. 
 SGT MATTHEW A ROBINS IRAQ  He is currently in kuwait waiting to ship into to Iraq. He is from the michigan army national guard, 119th feild artillery and volenteered for this transport mission. please pray for him and all the troops as we await his safe return home. 
 Private John  Romano    
 Sgt Thomas W Rudolph   Sgt. Rudolph has been serving our Country for 17 years now. First starting with the Marine Corp for six years and now serving with the RI National Guard.  
 Sgt Denzil  Satterfield Iraq   
  brian k sawyer afganastan   
  tri  s sawyer afganastan   
 SGT David I  Schaecher Iraq in April, presently at Fort Polk on his way to Kuwait  Please pray that he will draw closer in his relationship with the Lord and for the strength and saftey of his wife and 3year old son, and 1 year old daughter 
  Joshua C. Seckman Kuwait   
 spec Derek S Smith Kuwait  Please pray for him and all the troops safe return home~! GOD BLESS 
  Gary  Sokol    
 Sgt. David  Spinks    
  John Paul Stewart    
 Sgt Stacy l Sturgill Iraq   
  Brian  Stuttler    
 E2 Clinton L. Tackett Kuwait   
  Roger  Tasker    
 E4 Michael S Taylor Korea  Please pry for his protection an a sound mind thank you 
  Dustin  Thwreatt   Pray for protection and salvation. 
 Sgt. Craig Aaron Weaver Kuwait   
  William Courtney Weaver    
 sgt Matt  Wilfong Stateside   
  Matt  Williams    
 SFC Scott P Wozna   Daddy, please come home! But we understand you must fight for people and thier freedom!! 
 SPC Tomeka C. Wright   Be safe and return home to your daughter and son, who love you dearly. 
 LCpl Ryan R Alarie   LCpl Alarie will be deploying for his second tour over seas defending our freedom. He will be leaving as soon as Feb. 2005 
  Wesley  Couch Bahrain  Wesley is currently in Bahrain and scheduled to be deployed to Iraq in January 2006. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. God Bless all our troops. 
 Major William David Dean Afghanistan  Copter pilot, 16 years service, from Clarksburg, WV 
  patrick  forbes  
 Corp. Matthew  Ford    
  Derrick R Getts   Son of Walter and Cindy Getts, Grandson of Rose Sharff, all of WV. God Bless 
 Corporal Ben   Higgonbottom Kuwait   
 LCP Isaiah   Hileman September 25,2007  Bring him home safely. 
 Sergeant Cedric E Jackson Iraq (March 2007)  Please pray for my fiance and all the troops that are leaving their families to serve our country. I pray for his safety and for a safe return home. I love you!!!! 
 Copl. Aron  James Kuwait   
  Darrell  James Kuwait  Leaves at home a wife and young daughter. 
  Kelvin  LaGelise Kuwait   
  Ruben  Marchena Afganistan  Please pray for my wonderful and loving cousin! I know that the lord will guide him through his last year...Take Mito we all love you...Amen. Hugs and kisses ~Ari Erives, Phoenix Arizona~ 
  Jon  Mayle Kuwait  Debbie Norman's second cousin 
 1st Corporal Hanna  McHollie    
 sgt nathan r mcmurray iraq  We love you 
 Cpl Albert  Jr. Quintanilla U>U Marine Corps in Irag.  Please pray for both my wife and my son who is in irga thanks 
 Corporal Eric   Rader Kuwait City   
  Joey  Reed    
  Terry  L.  Riley Falluhjah  Please pray for TJ. We love him and want him home safe. He is the father of a new baby boy, a husband and a son. 
 COPORAL CHRISTOPHER L SHANNON IRAQ  Please pray for my son’s safe return home. 
  Joel E. Snively Parris Island, SC  Just went to Boot Camp on July 12th. Please keep Joel and his family in your thoughts and prayers. God Bless our troops. 
 Corporal Bryan  Swiger    
 1st sergeant John   Taylor    
 EM1 John S Cady   Pray that John will keep the faith and win other sailors and marines to the Lord. 
  Jack  Chapin    
  Cameron  Elhas-Jabbar    
  Robert  Gawthrop U.S.S. Roosevelt  Son of Eva and Tim Gawthrop, friends of Tracy Sandy. Pray for all on board the U.S.S. Roosevelt 
   Jay   Hutchins    
   Victor    Ortiz   "Little Vic" we will continuously keep you in our thoughts and in our prayer. Your loving and caring mom 
  Quint  Pitts    
 Captain Jeff  Smith U.S.S. Tortuga  Pray for all on board the U.S.S. Tortuga 
  Russell  Aires    
  Kris  Arnold   Please pray for my cousin in Kauwait 
  Billy  Dalheim    
  Shawn  Dalheim    
  Jeremy David Elliot    
  Jason  Hyde    
  Phillip  Kennedy    
 Sgt. Daniel B Langford Kuwait, Desert  Wife & Daughter are here in WV. She works at drug store with Cheri Sandy. 
  MICHAEL A. LOTFI Camp, Taji, Deployed 1/14/06  Your Mom, your sister, your brother and godson are waiting for your return safely here in Killeen, Texas, as are the rest of your family in Houston, TX. Your sons and your daughter miss you. 
  Ronald  Mayle    
  Brian  Mayo    
  Zachary  McCary   That God will bring him and ALL of our men out there home quickly and safely. 
  Ricky  Paugh Middle East  National Guard 
  Frank  Thomas    
  Rocky  Wetzel South Korea   
  Carl  Whaley   Father lives in North View 

Community Prayer Meetings

Two community prayer meetings were held. They were very successful. Thank you for joining with many others across the Clarksburg-Bridgeport area in praying for our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Guards. Many area pastors & churches came together to pray. City officials were on hand to represent their cities.

At the first prayer rally, which took place Saturday, April 12, 2003, at the Harrison County Courthouse, downtown Clarksburg, WV, the final speaker was the late Pastor David Kates, a former mayor of Clarksburg, and a former city councilman. During this rally, prayer was made for the successful locating of, and release of, POWs held hostage by Iraqi forces. The very next day, all seven of the remaining POWs were recovered alive.

At the second prayer rally, which took place Saturday, April 19, 2003, at Meadowbrook Mall in Bridgeport, WV, the final speaker was the Honorable Margaret Bailey, serving on Clarksburg's City Council. During this rally, prayer was made for the successful locating of MIAs. Soon afterwards, the bodies of the MIAs were recovered. They were killed prior to the prayer, but it was an answer to prayer that their bodies were recovered.

Special thanks to all those area businesses and offices whose kindness and concern helped in producing these meetings, including Meadowbrook Mall, Harrison County Courthouse, Reep Graphics, United Sound & Electronics & others (see complete list).


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