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Michelle (not her real name) asks...

“Is there any way that you all could help us get our gas turned back on? My husband and I are having a hard time coming up with the money. We have two girls, and one on the way. My husband and I would be willing to donate time, or something, to you and your church if you can help.”


Christian Apostolic Church responds...

“Yes. In addition to our Food Pantry Ministry, which can provide food for your family during tight times, we have an additional ministry that helps with needs such as your current situation. It is called Christian Apostolic Assistance Program (CAAP for short).

There is an application (Family Assistance Request Form) that mus`t be filled out. We have chosen to not accept applications via either email, fax, or mail. You would have to apply in person. If you are married, we prefer for both you and your spouse to apply in person, although we'll understand if this is not possible. However, if you are married, both you and your spouse must sign the application, even if your spouse cannot come with you in person to submit the application.

For information on how to find our church, either view the map and driving directions on our website, or call us for directions at 304-624-4459.

The best time to apply (submit the application) is while our Food Pantry staff are here on the last two Fridays of each month, from Noon to 3:30 pm. However, you can apply at other times during the week, provided you check with us first, by phone or email:

Contact our Food Pantry Coordinator, Sister Cindy Murphy:
  Church Phone: 304-624-4459
Or contact Pastor Doug Joseph or Sister LaDonna Joseph, at the church:
  Phone: 304-624-4459

Please note that there are certain documents you may need to bring with you when you submit the application (current pay stubs, current utility bills, etc). See the application for details. We can make copies of your documents here, so there is no need to do so beforehand.

You can download the Family Assistance Request Form (Application) from this website (below) or you can pick up a copy in person. But remember: It should not be submitted by email, fax, or mail. You should submit it in person.

View/Print the Family Assistance Request Form in your browser:
  Click here to view/print the application within your browser
  To view/print the application, you will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader program. If you don't have the Reader, download it for free.

After your submission, your application will be considered by the CAAP Advisory Committee, a select group of CAC members. If our CAAP ministry is able to help, and your application is approved and receives an allocation, you will be notified and receive further details.

In any event, we will also help you with food (no application needed) and with prayer.



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