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Penny Benedum a bit of information about my academic studies.

Academic Details: I am studying to become a teacher for children of levels kindergarten through sixth grade. This course of study has taken me three years, and I am still facing about one and a half more years.

Unlike some students in this field of study, who are unmarried, childless, and potentially unaware of the rigors of working with children, I have extensive experience in working with children in many scenarios and of various ages.

I have taught Sunday school classes ranging from nursery (very young children' toddlers) all the way up to high schoolers.

I have taught in a parochial Christian school in Wisconsin.

I have raised my own children, and I am currently filling the wonderful post of "Mommaw."

My love for children is not decreased by virtue of disenchantment, disappointment, or discouragement. Rather, I am involved in this field of study "with my eyes wide open."

Children are a blessing from the Lord God, and it is a high honor and wonderful privilege to be a teacher.

My current academic workload entails: Instructional Technology, Reading Process, Political Science, English, Elementary Art.

Some classes I already have under my belt include: Educational Psychology, Human Growth and Development, Intro to Behavior Disorders, Sociology, and more.

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