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A novel by Doug Joseph

Daniel Talbot is a teleporting, spy-chasing, miracle-working immortal who serves in the royal court of Jesus during the prophesied Millennial Kingdom age. It’s quite a ride...

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Mixing sci-fi with amazing Christian eschatology, Doug Joseph takes readers on a wild adventure in an unflinching look at humanity, demons, prophecy, and salvation. Explore a paradise-like earth where high-tech is not enough. Fictional characters, set in a prophetic age yet to come, watch the ultimate evil arise as predicted, and find out just what they’re made of, and just what God has planned to do about it.

Christian readers will love teleporting with the new immortal—especially if you like science fiction, or if you like end-time prophecy discussions. Non-Christian readers are in for a very interesting novel, especially if you like sci-fi. You won’t be able to put this book down, and the immortals just might win you over!

Paperback, 186 pages.

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